Chali 2na on Collective Consciousness and 2020's Fish Outta Water Re-Release

Over the decades, Chali 2na has written volumes of lyrical content pushing a vision for the world which speaks for positivity, creativity, social consciousness, and collaboration. Commitment to these ideals and to the authentic soul of hip hop has led to a catalogue of music and lyrics that have cultivated a remarkably consistent musical brand and persona.

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Chali 2na releases official music video for 2020 version of Controlled Coincidence

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his album Fish Outta Water, Chali 2na returns with a powerful new music video to accompany the newly revamped version of "Controlled Coincidence”.  Chali and Kanetic Source’s politically-charged verses and lyrical exploration of classism,...

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10 Questions With Kotek - How The Renowned Bass Producer Created His Debut Sample Pack For Splice

Interview by Emmalee Brunt Westwood Sounds is proud to present the debut Sample Pack and Serum Preset Pack from renowned bass music producer Kotek. Following official collaborations with EDM superstars like Rezz and Gramatik, Kotek's signature sound design has been in...

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