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Pride / Curated by Diana Boss

Sam Steele and Josh McRae are two creative individuals from Vancouver, Canada, whom believe in the power of personal expression. Together, they are Diana Boss, an unapologetically passionate duo whose means of expression manifests in the form of house, tech, and disco music.

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Westwood presents: Friday Night In The Fractal Forest

It’s announcements like this that make us step back and feel really proud of what we’ve accomplished along the way. Huge thanks to the Fractal Forest boss man, R-e-R, for believing in us and letting us help curate the Friday night this year at our favorite festival on the planet... Shambhala Music Festival.

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Westwood Artist Spotlight: Defunk

Logan Anderson, otherwise known as Defunk, is an increasingly prominent artist who’s known for pushing the limits of genre. We got to ask him about his creative process, insights into the music world, the strangest place he’s ever been to, and more!

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