Founded by industry titans Grant Paley (formerly Paquin Agency) and Nick Middleton (Westwood Recordings, The Funk Hunters), Midnight Agency is Canada's new premiere music and arts agency. Created by artists, for artists, the dynamic boutique agency represents a highly diverse roster of 30+ artists hailing from all corners of the globe, reaching across various genres including hip-hop, funk, folk, blues, and electronic. A unique new venture focusing on the intersection of live music, tech, and streaming, Midnight Agency strives to expand opportunities for artists beyond the typical realms of live performance during a time of touring uncertainty in an ever-changing market. With a strong emphasis on putting power back in the hands of the artist, Midnight Agency puts the creative vision first, always.

With offices in both Vancouver and Toronto, Canada's Midnight Agency boasts home to an impressive international roster of artists including Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Too Many Zooz, The JB's (James Brown's original band), The Funk Hunters (Canada's first electronic act to be Road Gold Certified), DJ Shub (formerly of A Tribe Called Red), Jessu, Gone Gone Beyond, Odario, DijahSB,  Stickybuds, The Librarian, Five Alarm Funk, Moontricks, and more.

As the COVID-19 pandemic brought the live music industry to a standstill, Midnight Agency seized the opportunity to provide for artists in a competitive, volatile, creative climate. With an established foundation in touring and live events both as artists and agents, Midnight Agency founders Grant Paley and Nick Middleton combine their forward-thinking, technology-positive approach to guide their new venture. Championing both the digital and live aspects of the industry, Midnight Agency takes a highly strategic and individualistic approach to artist development to create lasting impacts and legacies for each of their artists.

Midnight Agency represents some of the biggest online Twitch streamers in Canada including JessU, Pyka, Guns, and The Funk Hunters - all official Twitch Partners streaming multiple times a week, reaching audiences in the tens of thousands weekly, totaling millions of minutes watched in the last few months alone, a ripe testament to their fruitful business model. With an emphasis on digital presence, live touring, Twitch partnerships, and streaming, Midnight Agency aims to set industry standards of synchronizing streaming and live experiences to maximize career development and revenue for artists worldwide.

Co-founder and President Grant Paley's esteemed career spans 22+ years, with 12 of its latter years spent as a prolific senior music agent at Paquin Artists Agency. Prior to his career as an agent, Paley toured as the frontman & DJ of the electrifying Moses Mayes, where he became an award-winning artist with global presence. Co-founder and CEO Nick Middleton cut his teeth in the industry as 1/2 of the critically acclaimed duo The Funk Hunters. Having performed at the likes of Coachella & Life Is Beautiful, Middleton's career didn't stop at the world's biggest stages: the creative has also produced and engineered remixes for world-class talent including U2 & Imagine Dragons. Expanding upon his love for music, Middleton launched his independent label Westwood Recordings in 2013, forming a unique roster of talent in a competitive electronic field.

"We are once again witnessing a major shift in the agency landscape - a return to boutique, independent, artist-focused companies charged with creating new opportunities in both the digital and live markets. We are proud to be the first new independent agency to launch in Canada since COVID-19 suspended live music. Midnight is about taking back control for our artists, building new revenue streams, and navigating the ever-changing demands of how to deliver art and shared music experiences in a post-COVID era."
Nick Middleton, Co-Founder & CEO

“After many years working to just find the gigs, I felt compelled to create an agency where working with an artist to fulfill their vision was a top priority. I really missed being a creative person. Our roster at Midnight Agency represents some of the most forward thinking, diverse and technologically savvy individuals I’ve ever met. I look forward to pushing the boundaries with them and changing the way live music experiences integrate with today’s fast moving online platforms and strategies.”
Grant Paley, Co-Founder & President

About Nick Middleton (Co-Founder & CEO):
Both a celebrated artist and entrepreneur, Nick's career path is guided by the enduring principal that business can be pleasure. He's performed on iconic stages such as Coachella & Life Is Beautiful (with his award-winning act The Funk Hunters), produced and engineered remixes for world-class talent like U2 & Imagine Dragons, and built a legacy of independent music, art, and events under his acclaimed imprint and music company, Westwood Recordings. His resume reads as an ultimate melding of both the creative and business sides of the music industry - collaborating, mentoring, and managing talent along the way. Today he's focused on building forward-thinking companies and platforms tasked with empowering the next generation of Canadian artists.


About Grant Paley (Co-Founder & President):
A veteran of the Canadian music industry with 22+ years of experience, Grant has experienced the love of music as both an award-winning artist and agent. His journey into a life of music began on stage as the frontman & DJ of the electrifying Moses Mayes. After a decade of touring, he transitioned behind the scenes as a music agent and he's never looked back. Following 12 years at the esteemed Paquin Artists Agency where he developed his own unique roster of live and electronic acts, he left in 2020 to co-found Midnight Agency. Today under the Midnight banner he represents an award-winning roster of clients in Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.


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