COFRESI Teams Up With Reggae Legend Matisyahu and Kyng Dyce On Massive New Single "Daylight"

Combining the forces of reggae legend Matisyahu and Kingston rapper KYNG DYCE, COFRESI unveils his exhilarating new single “DAYLIGHT” taken from his forthcoming album. The star-studded single is available for streaming and purchase Friday, August 6th via Westwood Recordings. 


COFRESI’s “DAYLIGHT” enlists the help of Matisyahu and KYNG DYCE to take his boundary-pushing bravado to new heights. This cinematic, drum-powered production imbues an electronic recipe with multicultural influences. An immersive listening experience from its first note to its final sweeping crescendo, “DAYLIGHT” was born in the thick of a global pandemic. Although curated in quarantine, the artists share a poignant, long-distance synchronicity that creates a cohesive, deeply affecting, and high-energy track. “DAYLIGHT” is a spiritually profound track injected with the influence of a hall-of-fame musician. 



COFRESI, a Chicago native, pushes the boundaries of modern performance and music production with a unique style and a refreshingly versatile live dj/digital-acoustic drum setup. In the studio, he creates a hybrid sound that is at once provocative, organic, melodic, and rhythmic. An explosive enigma hacked only by the pulse of his own dexterity, COFRESI’s live sets are exaggerated with multidimensional soundscapes both electronic and acoustic. COFRESI, through his diverse range and charismatic melodies, has amassed an impressive fanbase and garnered critical acclaim from tastemakers by the likes of, Magnetic Magazine, ThisSongIsSick, and many more.

“DAYLIGHT” calls on the help of none other than reggae pioneer Matisyahu. Matisyahu exploded into the music and arts landscape in 2004 with his breakthrough hit “King Without a Crown-” a track recognized, remembered, and replayed throughout all corners of the world to this day. Matisyahu’s performance alongside improvisational powerhouse Trey Anastasio of Phish at Bonnaroo solidified him as a lyrical and rhythmic gymnast. Over the course of nearly two decades, Matisyahu has touched the lives of millions with hit songs like “One Day,” “Jerusalem,” “Time of Your Song” and more. With Grammy-nominations, high-profile collaborations, and headlining performances from LA to Israel and everywhere in between, Matisyahu is a name that will echo through time. 

COFRESI and Matisyahu’s fellow co-write and “DAYLIGHT” feature comes by the way of Jamaican recording artist KYNG DYCE. Whether it be hip-hop, rap, reggae or dancehall, KYNG DYCE adds a Kingston flair to all that he touches. An artist born from the lyrical game of DYCE, the Jamaican spitfire dominated the playing field in his school years by outshining his competition with his quick-witted flow and conscious songwriting, ultimately crowning him the King of DYCE, thus giving birth to his magnum opus - KYNG DYCE.


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