Westwood CEO, Nick Middleton Sits Down With EDM.com To Chat About His Journey From DJ To Music Exec

Article written by: CARLIE BELBIN

As a member of celebrated electronic music duo The Funk Hunters, the CEO of Westwood Recordings, and the co-founder of Midnight Agency, it's not hard to tell that Nick Middleton has a passion for the music industry.

Covering everything from music production to marketing and more, Middleton is involved in every step of the process. But that wasn't his initial aspiration. In an interview with EDM.com, Middleton tells us that he "never really had music as a dream career" and he believed his passion was in film.

Throughout high school and progressing into college, Middleton worked in film. He made documentaries, taught post-production, and even ran a film school on Galiano Island called The Gulf Island Film & Television School (GIFTS). 

It was his work at GIFTS that connected Middleton with Duncan Smith, the other esteemed member of The Funk Hunters. "I would go and live there for half of the year for many years... and that’s how I met Duncan," Middleton explains. "He grew up on the island." 

There were some locals, but the film school drew in students from all over. That's how Middleton first heard about music festivals—and it was only a matter of time until he went to experience one for himself. 

“I don’t really even refer to it as a label very much these days,” Middleton said. “It’s hard to pinpoint what the best word is to describe Westwood—or other labels out there—but it’s like a community or a platform or a music company.” - Nick Middleton


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