K+Lab Enters New Chapter with Fourth Studio LP, 'Beasts'

Stream/Download: https://wstwd.io/beasts

In a bold artistic departure, 
K+Lab delivers his fourth studio album, Beasts. Featuring four singles, the 13-track LP explores a heavier bass sound from the New Zealand-born artist in a tradeoff of funk for darker inhibitions. With features including PAV4NCleva ThoughtsFarfetchD and more, K+Lab shares a spectrum of production shades that pay respect to the electronic underground and breakbeat era from eerie beats on “Quitter” to Def3-equipped hiphop weapon “Games,” and bass house warper “Swamps” with Canosis.

Written and conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic, Beasts became a form of creative catharsis for K+Lab, who simultaneously navigated change and challenges throughout the lockdown. Coming in full force, K+Lab redefines his funky signature as he looks to integrate his own original artwork into an exciting, immersive live show and visuals. On the album, K+Lab says,

"As we navigated the last few years through the pandemic my goal was to not be the same person and artist I was pre-Covid. I figured being forced to pause was a great opportunity to really think about what K+Lab means going forward thus Beasts was created. I forced myself to stop and look the beasts in the eye; they’re all my fears, worries and anxieties in musical and artistic form. The process was a massive release."

For his album release, K+Lab showcases a side of his artistry that's often seen, but rarely amplified. A visual artist with an edge for design skills on par with production, K+Lab will be launching his debut art exhibition in tangent with Beasts on October 28th. Featuring large-scale prints of all the "beasts" created for the album, the exhibition will have K+Lab's artwork on display for attendees to view and purchase at Open Studio in Coffs Harbour.

"Stylistically, Beasts became a nostalgic nod to the sounds of the electronic underground and breakbeat era, but reimagined for the now. I wanted to bring the “beasts” outside of the audio realm so I created artworks for all the singles and album which I’m excited to be showcasing at my debut art exhibition on release day," states K+Lab.

New Zealand-born master of intergalactic funk, K+Lab has been rocking dance floors and bringing the beats to the masses with his signature keytar in hand. K+Lab's sound draws from a seemingly endless array of influences from soul to jazz, hip hop to drum n’ bass, glitch to G funk—all tied together by an orbital pull of all things funky. His incredible live performances are unlike anything else occupying the sonic landscape today and have seen him conquer dancefloors across the globe with unmatched energy.


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