Exclusive Q&A with K+Lab and ill-esha

Joining forces for their first collaborative effort, K+Lab and ill-esha unleash the sublime two track EP, Simplications. The project finds the two distinctive keytar-wielding artists come full circle to their drum & bass origins as they now put their creative synergy to work in a boundless and experimental release.

Did you know K+Lab and ill-esha were label mates 10 years ago as well? Well, now you do. We caught up with them to chat more about music and life in general with an exclusive Q&A: LISTEN TO SIMPLICATIONS EP


- You’ve been label mates in the past, yet this is your first official collaboration together. How did the two of you end up working on the Simplications EP ten years down the road?

K+Lab: I knew of Ill-Esha through Glitch Hop Forum (woah that was a long time ago) we met IRL at Motion Notion Festival in Canada, kept in touch since and finally linked up for some tacos and a couple studio sessions when I moved to Denver in 2019. I discovered we were labelmates that day after scouring through her record collection, turns out we were both on Fokuz recordings as part of the same series (Mysteries of Mars) & (Secrets of Saturn)


- How have you spent your time during the pandemic?

ill-esha: It’s actually been incredibly therapeutic for me; I decided I was tired of holding on to so much unreleased music and released 20 songs over 2020, including one made entirely on my aging laptop in an AirBnB while in between places. Since there weren’t any shows, it also freed me up to renovate my studio and home, take really good care of my health and turn some longtime health issues around, and spend a lot more time with family.


- If you could give the person you were ten years ago some words of wisdom, what would you say?

K+Lab: I would avoid talking to myself, haven’t you seen the butterfly effect ? Seriously though I’d probably just tell me to start meditating earlier and that everything's going to workout fine.


- When live shows return, what is the first venue, festival or event you’d love to play?

ill-esha:I’m really missing Tribal Gathering. There is nothing quite like it, bringing indigenous tribes and artists together with electronic music; living in the jungle amidst pirate ships and beautiful beaches for three weeks; running an onsite recording studio with new friends from all over the world. I’m ready!


- Is there a genre of music you’ve wanted to make, but haven’t had the chance to yet?

K+Lab:I’m a huge The Prodigy fan so I’d love to do a heavy tear out apocalyptic breakbeat album but on the other end of the spectrum I’d like to try record some live Jazz and Funk.

- One hobby that you picked up recently?

ill-esha: I’ve gotten obsessed with DNA and genealogy and discovered over 4,000 new blood relatives, tracing some of my ancestry back to the 1700s. I’m also learning how to make my own Max for Live devices!


- What’s a quote you live by? 

K+Lab: The Universe rewards bravery.




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