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The legend of the elusive metaphysical artist know as Mouthe continues. Since surfacing information about him has been scarce to say the least. He still communicates solely via email to his new current producers  (Dj Brace and Jet Horns) with next to indiscernible instructions and is yet to pay them. While Mouthe is out riding the fame wave (ala touring with Schoolboy Q across urope and collaborating with Owsla producers) his newly proclaimed nerd slaves are working away from remote locations accross the globe in quarantine. Mouthe is still milking it like the true sociopath he has proven time and time again to be. He’s still climbing up his own ladder and honestly could give two f’s about anything or anyone. His latest project is mind as mind wobbling as the last..who would have guessed? I think we all know whats in store for him.