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Austero is the brain child of Albino Sosa, a born and bred Mexican who landed on the shores of Australia in 2008. Originally planning to only be there for a year, little did he know he would go on to be one half of SUN:MONX, a collaboration project with powerhouse musician, and dear friend, Opiuo.

This introduction to a world of experimentation and creative freedom with SUN:MONX as the vehicle saw him touring the world. Deciding to write his own music was a long awaited dream. After a couple of years, AUSTERO’s debut performance on 2012 at SYMBIOSIS ECLIPSE was when his personal voyage started. After many shows in many different countries, a couple of Ep’s , AUSTERO had gathered the experience and inspiration necessary to dive head first into the creation of his first solo album, ‘ABISMO’.

Three years of heavy personal work, painful transformations, countless ups and downs as well as events he wouldn’t wish on his worst enemies, Austero has come out the other side of the abyss with a 10 track composition that represents something deeply and inexplicably human: the ability to adapt, to survive, and eventually to thrive.

This assemblage of music represents an honest catharsis of raw emotion, a collage of symphonies that tenderly weave into one cohesive, heartfelt and contemplative ride that tells his tales from the darkest depths of the ‘ABISMO’.