An avatar of minimalistic elegance and digital revolution,Zodiac stands poised to make his debut as one of the most influential artists in the new decade. A man of few words,Zodiac represents the synthesis between our physical world and a rapidly evolving digital space. In a new digital age dominated by topics of artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, and online networks, Zodiac acts as a virtuoso; ushering his listeners closer towards the beauty of the future and all the changes that come with it.

Zodiac appeared on the electronic scene in 2021, the culmination of some of the brightest minds behind bass label leaders at Icon Collective and Night Bass Records. While few know his background and even fewer know the face behind the mask, none can deny that the introduction of Zodiac onto the electronic music scene has begun to draw an almost cult-like following seeking to understand the enigma behind the helmeted figure.

With the intrigue behind his identity only adding to the hype behind his upcoming releases, Zodiac places his focus in the creation of elaborate melodic landscapes intertwined with his signature synthesized bass riffs. With his debut single "Lift Off" scheduled for release this spring, it is only a matter of time before Zodiac begins his ascent to the top of the EDM world.

Music from Zodiac


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