Pride / Curated by Diana Boss

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Pride / Curated by Diana Boss

Sam Steele and Josh McRae are two creative individuals from Vancouver, Canada, who believe in the power of personal expression. Together, they are Diana Boss, an unapologetically passionate duo whose means of expression manifests in the form of house, tech, and disco music.


Their love for music, art and creative expression has made them a vibrant presence in Vancouver’s LBGTQ+ community and proud advocates of equality rights. When asked about what Pride means to them, here’s what they had to say:


Sam: Pride to me is a reminder of how important visibility is.  We play a lot of shows and occupy a lot of space in queer spaces these days, but a huge part of my journey is that for many years I was spending time in these same queer spaces and not taking up any space at all.  But seeing people living loudly out in the open and watching them connect with each other in ways that were way more intimate than any relationship I had at the time - suddenly I had permission.

The cliché is true, club culture is definitely where people go to lose themselves, but I'd say the deeper truth is that in those gay clubs, at those queer parties, many more people end up finding themselves.

Josh: As a straight DJ, I’ve been welcomed into queer spaces all around Vancouver. I’ve watched from behind the booth as people express themselves to the fullest - truly expressing who they are on the inside to a room and to the whole world.  Seeing people be free and open and accepted, I’ve learned to be more free, open, and accepting.

These spaces have given me the permission to shake masculine stereotypes and embrace who I am. So when I put on a sequined jacket and hit play on my favourite disco tune, I do so with the love and strength of all the queer people who have done so before me and who have done so much more. 


* Photo by Continental Breakfast / @contibreakfast


To help us tune back to the true history of Pride, Diana Boss has also curated a Pride-themed playlist featuring some of their favorite local queer artists and legendary favorites!



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